AQAR is a real estate and property management Group of companies

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Our Unparalleled breadth of end to end experience, from planning acquisition to development and management


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AQAR is a real estate and property management Group of companies, managing over 800K sqm of commercial & residential properties in several markets.

AQARGroup, leads the way in full-service property management. AQAR Group has an unparalleled breadth of end to end experience of all phases of real estate from planning, acquisitions, development, financing, construction, appraisals, management to Interior Design and opening & lunching.

Our specialties include independent houses, apartment communities, luxurious housing, commercial properties, and mixed-use neighborhoods.

We approach every project with a long-term commitment

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Our mission is to create value to all our customers, both sellers and buyers. By working hand in hand and sharing transparent information with one another is essential. Our full-time professional experts strive to create a complete smooth service.


AQAR Group is a mission-driven team, driven by our main values:

Act with integrity

Act with honesty

Lead with passion

Lead with vision

Dedication to perfection

Dedication to customer satisfaction